Vintage Castanets

Vintage Castanets -

numerous ways of playing partly round robin sampled "Vintage" switch for a slight velvet sound "Chroma" switch to add/reduce some richne [more...]

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Massive Evolutions 2 (Client) [ME2]

Massive Evolutions 2 (Client) [ME2] - [only software, no sounds included]

only client, no sounds included you need additional sound packs! or get the [more...]

EUR 10

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Holla Loops

Holla Loops - Hip Hop Drum Loops

overall 33 wet and 33 dry Loops. complex drum-lines divided into their elements Triangle loops, Tambourine loops, Shaker-, Bell-, Clock-, Nut-, Bongo-, Snare-, Crash-l [more...]

EUR 8.99

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YummyBeats Collection 3

YummyBeats Collection 3 - contains all products

contains all products, released before 11/2015. over 5 GBytes Kontakt Instruments Massive Presets over 2300 One-Shots (Drums, FX, etc). [more...]

EUR 99

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Massive Side FX (edm synths) [ME2]

Massive Side FX (edm synths) [ME2] - Sound Pack for the Massive Evolutions 2

1.38 GB of additional new sounds for the Massive Evolutions II tr [more...]

EUR 25

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Massive Evolutions 2 [free]

Massive Evolutions 2 [free] -

selection of some of the Massive Evolutions 2 presets [more...]


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Trap Pack

Trap Pack - Harlem Shake It

75 Trap Synths for Massive - Leads, Keys, Chiptunes, Basses, Arpeggios, Drums 808 Drum Kit for Kontakt (round robin sampled). Kontakt not necessarily required, since all samples [more...]

EUR 19

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